Over the period of last few years, the prices of labour and materials 1) Laying reinforced concrete – 3 beldars, 3 mazdoors, 1½ Bhisti and ½ mason can do 2.83 cum (100cuft) per day. Purpose of rate analysis. TAKE: Reinforcement rod labor out put for cutting and bending per tonne = 35hrs Cost of equipment or Tools and plants ( 1.5%) 4. For calculating the rate per unit of an item following sub-heads are estimated and added together to get the rate per unit of an item. This video will teach you how to calculate quantity of cement sand and aggregate and labour amount and how to prepare estimate for ""CONCRETING"" Excel sheet for paint. I hope this article remains helpful for you. From the mortar mix ratio (as per IS standard), the required mortar ratio is 1:3 and thickness is 15mm 2- Determination of structural element for which the rate analysis is needed. Fly ash is the waste material produced from many thermal power. Premium PDF Package. 0.3 mason and 2 labours for one day are required for carrying out 1 Cum concrete. The Schedule of Rates and Analysis of Rates provide a basic frame work to evaluate cost estimate of the projects. Step – 5. Q) Calculate the rate analysis of 10 meter cube of concrete. Now let us take an example of question for Rate analysis for Concrete, M15 means the ratio of ingredient in concrete shoud be (Cement:Sand:Aggregate) = (1:2:4), Density of steel reinforcement = 7850 kg/m3, Total Dry volume = 10 + 52 % 0f 10 { We can take from 50% to 55% of additional volume of concrete to get dry volume}, Let the quantity of cement be = x cubic meter, Therefore Volume of cement = x = 2.2 cubic meter, Volume of Sand = 2x = 2 x 2.2 = 4.4 meter cube, Volume of Aggregate = 3x = 3 x 2.2 = 6.6 meter cube. – Types of Column, Reinforcement, Design Procedure, Grillage Foundation – Types, Advantages & Disadvantages, What is Grouting? Rate Analysis of PCC : (Plain Cement Concrete) Rate Analysis of PCC (Plain Cement Concrete) This is used at below any foundation to make a clean and level surface for easy to work, away from sand, dust, mud, etc. Now let us change the volume of cement into numbers of bags. – Properties, Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages, Load Calculation on Column – Load Calculation of Column, Beam, Wall & Slab, What is Column? EXAMPLE. For calculation purpose, assume a mix design of 1:1.5:3. – Causes of Leakage, Under reamed pile foundation- Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages, Cause, Effect, and Types of Segregation of concrete, Steel Vs Concrete – Advantages and Disadvantages With features, How to calculate bricks in a wall pdf – With Brick Masonry Pier, Brick masonry – Types, Tools, materials required and Procedure, IS codes for civil engineering free download pdf – All Codes Used, Cinder block vs Concrete block – Application, Uses, Cost-efficient, etc, Rain Water Harvesting Methods – Importance, Disadvantages, Design of circular water tank – Resting on the Ground, Under the Ground, AAC blocks vs Red bricks – Composition, Application, Preparation, Plane Table Surveying- Principle, Types, Two-point Problem, What is PCC DPC and RCC in civil engineering | RCC and PCC, Size of steel bars used for Construction – Civil Concept, Minimum clear cover for slab, column, beam, Retaining Structure, Step by Step- RCC roof Slab steel calculation- Numerical Example, Relation between Discharge velocity and Seepage velocity in soil mass, Uses of rain gauge | Rain gauge types | Tipping bucket rain gauge, 2020 – Soil mechanics by bc punmia pdf free download [.PDF], Rate analysis for Concrete- Step by Step calculation with table. Necessary data for RCC Rate Analysis: 1. The disposal of fly ash is the one of major I would like to express my appreciation for the sincere effort and dedication put in by all staff in bringing out the Schedule of Rates 2018 (Building works and services) and Analysis of Rates 2018 (Building works and services) with the spirit of teamwork. Concrete bed not exceeding 300mm thick ——— 5%. Power consumption 4. The concrete mix is M15. PDF. 1. 224/day, but in Bangalore city we are paying Rs.600/day. For rate analysis, the details about all the operation involved in carrying out the work should be available. In order to perform rate analysis for reinforced concrete, two steps are involved: 1- Estimation of number of labour and equipment, quantity of materials, miscellaneous items required for for a certain quantity of reinforced concrete. PDF. Preview - Quantity Survey & Rate Analysis. The capacity of doing work by an artisan or skilled labour in the form of quantity of work per day is known as the task work or out turn of the labour. The recent report on Cement Concrete Superplasticizer market offers a thorough evaluation of key drivers, restraints, and opportunities pivotal to business expansion in the coming years. Download PDF Package. Hence rate analysis helps us to know the project cost and Budget to plan. Step – 6. The dry volume of concrete decreases volume of wet cement mortar because of the added water and expansion. Rate Analysis – It is a summary of all the cost involved in doing particular work or unit work. Now let us assume the 1% of steel has used in the concrete. ANALYSIS OF PWD SCHEDULE OF RATES 2018 FOR CIVIL WORKS PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT. Required other charges 2 %, Add for Water Charge @ 1% on Items … or. For example, if you want 10 doors for your dream home and the cost of each door is 3000 Rs (50 us dollars).Then the total cost of the material would be 30000 rs ( 500us dollar).Hope you learn it. Water charges (1.5%) 5. 3. Rate analysis is the calculation of all costs of materials used for the construction of the concrete structure in the field of civil engineering. Read Also, Easy way to calculate unit weight of steel rod. If you found this information helpful please share it with your friends. lock. – Types of Grouting, Advantages, Applications and Process. Now you are able to make an economic evaluation, of your projects and therefore recording actually earned value by each of them. The material rates considered in this rate analysis are exclusive of. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The concrete mix is M15. This paper discussed an experimental study of M30 Grade of concrete using fly ash, steel fiber, cement, coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. Then, 1 % of concrete volume becomes 0.1 meter cube of steel. if you required to print your plastering work calculation you can use the print button option. Please Sir rate analysis of DPC and Concrete Bed(4" Brickwork bonding purpose) S. Sachin Hipparkar Newbie. Calculation of materials: Material should be calculated for sand, cement, coarse aggregate and steel for a specific mix design. Excel for Quantity survey and Rate analysis. Rate Analysis of Concrete. Water consumption 5. Quantity of material and Its cost 2. Download Free PDF. Now let us take an example of question for Rate analysis for Concrete Q) Calculate the rate analysis of 10 meter cube of concrete. First of all change the volume of cement into weight i.e Kg. So, weight = Volume x Density = 2.2 x 1440 = 3168 kg. New rates of these items can be worked out easily by changing the rates of materials and labours based on current market rates. Labour cost 3. Adish 2k18. For analysis of concrete work, 100 cubic feet is regarded as Unit of Rate. How to calculate unit weight of steel Bar? Rate analysis of concrete: Rate Analysis of Concrete define as, it is a summary of all the cost involved in doing particular work or unit work like material cost, labour cost, shuttering cost, bar bending cost, overhead expenses, water charges & contractor profit. Read more: Unit rate analysis of reinforced concrete. Material Estimation 2. and 10% contractors charges. Free PDF. PDF. If you are calculating for tenders. How to Calculate Quantity of Cement, Sand and Water For... What is Ferrocement? We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. lock. Step -1 Write all the known values of the materials, Step -3 Calculate volume of all materials, Step -4 Convert volume of cement into numbers of bags, How to stop water leakage from concrete roof? Oct 22, 2019 #3 Srinivasan said: These can be known only from the experience of particular work. PCC is not a Structural Member which can bear any load or pressure. 2) Centering and shuttering for flat surfaces – 4 beldars and 4 carpenters (II class) can do 9.6sqm (96sqft) per day. How to Calculate Quantity of Material For Plaster? lock. Excel sheet for concrete. Rate analysis is done before construction of the structure like a building, bridge, culvert, or road to get the approximate cost of full construction. lock. Create a free account to download. Labour Estimation 3. Besides this, we should also calculate the mason cost, mazdoor cost, labor cost, etc. This is the temporary structure created to ease your work. Excel sheet for Flooring. Tools and equipment 6. Further, the document contains an exhaustive discussion of the factors impacting the progression of the industry segments and uncovers the top growth prospects for investors, manufacturers, and other stakeholders. The materials are the main part of the rate analysis for construction purposes.You can find the total cost of each item by, multiplying the quantity of material with the cost of the single item. In this article there is comparison between through rate contact and labor contract. This paper. If we want to do the rate analysis for concrete then, we have to calculate the cost of all ingredients like cement, sand, aggregate, and steel used in the concrete. Contingencies 7. You can use the above table in a spreadsheet to calculate the RCC rate analysis too. Analysis & Rates. Concrete bed over 300mm thick ——- 2 1/2%. How to calculate the quantity of material for brickwork? It is useful for Consultants, Contractors, Architects and Builders for preparing the Rate Analysis of items like Concrete, Brickwork, Plaster etc. Rate for Plaster ,Tiles and Paint. Overhead & Profit The Arunachal Pradesh Schedule of Rates and Analysis of Rates covering the items of Road and Bridge works was last published in the year 2014. 225mm x 225mm pre-cast reinforced concrete beams or the like ( 1 : 2 : 4 – 20mm aggregate) reinforcement including four 20mm diameter mild steel reinforcement and bedding on wall in cement mortar ( 1 : 3). Rates and Analysis of Rates from the users for improvement in future publication. Cement calculation. The quantities of materials required and their cost should be known and the number of different categories of labours required and the capacity of doing work per labour and their wages per day should be known. The Purpose of rate analysis is to know the Unit cost of doing particular work or Project.It is important to plan or to allocate the budget for the project. Use Print Button for Print. Divide the total weight by 50 to get numbers of bags of cement. Lets us assume that we need workout rate analysis for 10 Square metre area of inner plastering work. Weight of steel rod = volume x density = 0.1 x 7850 = 785 kg. Bar bending schedule for footing- Step by Step Procedure to Calculate, Dowel bars and Tie bars – Application and Installation and Advantages, Calculate weight of steel bar | Quantity of steel bar in circular slab, Data required to Rate analysis for Concrete. Rate Analysis of Concrete: Rate Analysis is called the method of finding the correct and arguably acceptable cost estimate per unit of concreting. To get almost nearby accurate rate analysis, you have to consider the following things, 1. The material and labour rates may vary depending on the site condition & type of project. But the main problem in rate analysis is, for Government projects the rate from Standard schedule of rates is ok, but for private works or projects its not possible. Rate Analysis for Concrete Work. Overhead expenses (2 to 5%) … Materials like cement, sand, and aggregate. Final Report of Rate Analysis for Concrete. Concrete foundation over 300mm thick ——– 2 1/2%. Add 1.5% water charges on subtotal amount = 3824.8 × 1.5% = 57.372, Add Sundries 3% (Including mixture machine, transportation, tools etc) = 3824.8 × 3%, Add 15% for Overhead and Contractor Profit on subtotal amount = 3824.8 × 15%, So, Rate for 1 cum of M-15 concrete is = 4570.00. Rates for concrete and brickwork. Make rate analysis of concrete types through this single spreadsheet. First step to rate analysis is the estimation of labour, materials, equipments and miscellaneous items for particular quantity of reinforced concrete. How to do leveling of concrete in wooden block flooring. Sample calculation of RCC Rate Analysis. How to calculate quantity of material for plaster? Cost of equipment or Tools and plants( 1.5%), Cement = 1.54/7 = 0.22 cum × 28.8 = 6.336 bags, Cement      =    6.336 bags @ 300/- = 1900.8, Sand           =    0.44 cum @ 1000 per cum (crushed sand) = 440/-, Aggregate =    0.88 cum @ 800 per cum = 704/-, Total Material cost is = 1900.8 + 440 + 704 = 3044.8. Learn how the rate analysis for 1m 3 of reinforced concrete is done. The Purpose of rate analysis is to know the Unit cost of doing particular … For example: The Class-I mason wages as per Karnataka state Irrigation department standard schedule rates is Rs. Rate analysis of concrete of the different area and location rate analysis different executed in the following conditions shall be measured separately: Work in or underwater, Work in liquid mud, Work in or under foul situations, Work under tides and Work in snow. PLANTS . To know how to calculate the quantity of materials visit – How to calculate the quantity of material for concrete mix ratio? Rate analysis for PCC (plain cement concrete) is average an estimate for quotation and billing purpose by mason, supervisor and contractor and for tendering use. Rate analysis of various type of projects like, Buildings, Roads, Bridges, We have, Wet Cement volume = 1.25 times of Dry cement. rate analysis of m25 concrete; price list of jindal pipes; rate analysis of m20 concrete; rate analysis of m15 concrete; evaluation licence of ccs candy; rate analysis of m10 grade concrete; rate analysis of concrete m7.5 grade; rate analysis of various … Different between slow sand filter(SSF) and rapid sand filter(RSF). PDF. After completing the above steps you can check your Rate Analysis for Concrete Report in the second tab of Rate Analysis for Concrete. Rate Analysis For Concrete 1. Oct 8, 2019 4 0 Mumbai. Cost of materials for concrete ingredients, cost of labor and the cost of carriage are included during analysis of concrete work. So, numbers of bags of cement = 3168/50 = 63.64 bags = 64 bags Approx. lock. The required out put will guide the choice plant to be used and the cost of such plant can be the hiring cost or the running cost during the unit rate analysis of concrete works. At last you can add water charges which is about 1.5% of total cost of the concrete. Download with Google Download with Facebook. Excel sheet for brickwork. lock. Today we will see how to prepare rate analysis for Reinforced Concrete (RCC) work. Excel sheet for plaster. Download Full PDF Package.

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