Some gas fireplaces — usually factory-made ones that builders install in new houses when they’re first built — are, by definition, gas appliances and can’t be converted into wood-burning fireplaces, he says. When Your Fire Isn’t Burning as Bright as It Used To, Why a Level 2 Inspection is Crucial To Buying A Home, Why Fireplace Repair is Only for Knowledgeable Experts, Why Gas Fireplaces Need Annual Inspections. Still, it can make the difference between being relatively comfortable and shivering misery. In the event, these fireplaces were not provided gas supplies at the time of installation, gas or propane can be run to the fireplace by a gas supply technician. Check out our firewood page for helpful hints on different types of logs and how to select the right fuel for your wood-burning fireplace. Chimney Solutions of Alpharetta, GA, is ready to help with a thorough fireplace and chimney inspection, necessary repairs and the complete installation of your new gas log set. In general, expect to budget between $500 - $3,600. Please support high-quality journalism. A direct vent fireplace is normally a gas burning fire, however, many of these can be converted into a wood burning stove if you prefer. If it’s heat you’re after, look into non-vented logs. If you need help with this step or would like to get an expert opinion, call our Master Hearth Professionals at (800) 919-1904 . When is a Chimney Relining Definitely Needed? But my plumber told me the gas rod he installed below the "wood" rack will be used to light the wood. Once you’ve confirmed that your gas fireplace can be converted to wood, you’ll need to have the chimney thoroughly inspected. The other (and even better) half of our gas fireplace design makeover was converting the interior to gas. But there are different approached to converting and a few things to consider first like the cleanliness and quality of the existing fireplace. With this setup, all you have to do is watch the tank levels and have it refilled when needed. Instead of gas logs, a vented gas fireplace can also produce flames that lick up through glass beads. The gas is simply burned and the Everyone loves the coziness and warmth of a crackling wood fire, but as wonderful as wood is, there may come a day when you’d like to convert to gas. 7 Benefits of Heating with a Fireplace or Wood Stove, Ten Benefits of a Zero Clearance Fireplace, Why and How to Reduce Creosote in your Chimney Lining, Reasons Annual Chimney Inspections Should be a Priority, Fabulous Fireplaces- Celebrities, Movies, & the Titanic, Build a Fire that Has Your Favorite Characteristics, Child Chimney Sweeps: Dark Chapter in Sweep History, Understanding CSIA Certification & NCSG Membership, Why it’s Important to Choose Local Firewood, U.S. Household Fires Provide Lessons In Safety, How To Have a More Eco-Friendly FirePlace, National Fire Prevention Week is Oct 6 – 12, Don’t Cut Out Chimney Maintenance to Save Money, 8 Clues that Your Chimney May Need Repairs, 5 Benefits of Switching to a Fireplace Insert, Differences Between Masonry & Factory-Built Fireplaces, Burning Wood Is an Eco-Friendly Way to Heat your Home, Spring Cleaning Should Include the Chimney & Fireplace, 10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Chimney Sweep. Is Your Chimney Adding to Your Heating Costs? Wet Winter Weather Can Be Tough On Chimneys, 3 Types of Chimney Damage Caused by Moisture, Trust Your Chimney to a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep, White Staining Is More Than an Aesthetic Problem, convert their traditional wood fireplaces to gas, Gas log sets come in vented and non-vented styles. Do Your Walls have Ghosting aka Soot Stains? Newer gas inserts are up to about 80% efficient--approaching what a gas burning furnace yields--and are "sealed combustion" units. There is an on-off switch to ignite the fire. Can I Use My Existing Chimney With a New Wood Stove? Before doing any reconfiguring of your fireplace, it’s a smart idea to have the entire system inspected by a professional. Affirmative to the mantel as … Fire Prevention Week Oct. 8-14: Plan TWO Ways Out! If your home doesn’t have gas service, your next option is to purchase liquid propane, which will be housed in a storage tank adjacent to your house. I would like to burn wood (way cheaper than my propane bill) and I'm reading online that some pre-fab gas fireplaces can burn wood as well. You can convert a wood burning fireplace to one that burns gas. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Have Winter Conditions Affected Your Chimney? The primary differences are that vented logs produce a more realistic fire appearance but don’t supply as much heat as the non-vented variety. Traditional gas inserts are designed to fit inside existing fireplace openings and are finished with a decorative surround to make the installation look seamless and intentional. If your home is already equipped for natural gas, an HVAC service tech or plumber can run the correct size line to your fireplace. Gas logs are primarily used to create atmosphere; they mimic a real wood fire. Convert Your Fireplace to Natural Gas with a Fireplace Insert A fireplace insert is like a wood stove that has been modified to fit within the firebox of a regular fireplace. What is Causing my Chimney Discoloration? What can we cover the brick with to lighten it up? Professional chimney technicians will look for any damage that might be going on such as cracked Can we remove the hearth in order to create more room? What is a Direct Vent Fireplace & How Does it Work? Everyone loves the coziness and warmth of a crackling wood-burning fire. A Sure Fire Success: Why We Converted to a Gas Fireplace. Is Your Money Going Up the Chimney? The 35 year old house we just purchased has a big, brick fireplace in the middle of the family room. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Most will run without power, though without the fan operating to push the heat out the efficiency might be reduced. Components needed to install gas logs into prefab or masonry fireplace. Although you can get the ease of use, convenience, as well as similar aesthetics to the traditional wood-burning one from a gas fireplace, many people still want to convert their gas fireplaces to wood burning. Well, that would be one option. Have Your Gas Fireplace Serviced This Spring, Help! As an example, using a combustible material like wood, a piece over 1 1/2 inches thick would need to be more than 12 inches above the opening to be conforming. Ours was a wood-burning fireplace, and we used it as such for several years before we both woke up and decided life would be so much easier if we converted it into a gas fireplace! Wood burning fireplaces can be converted to gas fireplaces. If you have a wood fireplace that has been converted to gas logs or a gas insert then you can buy a product called fire and ice. When a gas fireplace is built at the time of home construction, it is less likely that a conversion is possible. If you have a gas fireplace, you will need to rip it out and start over with one that you like Why Is Firebox Cleaning an Important Part of Chimney Service? However, there are a few things you should know before you make this decision. You can remove the hearth extension. Because the front of the unit can't be opened, nothing hot can fall out and a fireproof hearth is not needed. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. This will uncover any damage you don’t know about and let you get it fixed before making the change. In case of a wood burning fireplace, you have to Paint will stick to brick. Wood burning appliances, such as wood stoves, cannot be converted to gas. Converting from a gas fireplace to a wood-burning one is becoming popular nowadays because of the simplicity it can offer to homeowners. Can this be converted to a gas fireplace? © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. The new specifications are quite a bit more restrictive than in the past, so the mantel currently on the fireplace might not be in compliance and might have to be changed. These can come as vented or unvented units. To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. When converting from wood to gas, you may be able to do some of the work yourself, but if you’re not clear on a particular aspect of the project, bring in a professional who’s experienced in making a conversion from a wood fireplace to a gas-burning unit. Installing room-vented or vent free log sets in our wood-burning fireplaces is unacceptable. Improperly sized logs can overheat your firebox and gas valves, which can cause permanent damage to your log set, fireplace, or home. Sweeping the chimney is only part of the chimney safety plan after converting a gas fireplace to wood burning, the additional step of choosing proper wood for our fireplace is essential. 1155 McFarland 400 Drive, Alpharetta GA 30004, Chimney Solutions Main Office - 1155 McFarland 400 Drive, Alpharetta GA, 30004 / Tampa FL Web Design, “Rumfordizing” Fireplaces in Older & Newer Homes, 3 Compelling Reasons Annual Chimney Inspections are Worth the Cost, 3 Problems Common to even the Best Wood Stoves, 4 Common (and Uncommon) Problems a Chimney Sweep Can Resolve, 4 Reasons Why Fireplace Inserts Make Sense, 4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Fireplace in Winter, 5 Steps to Preventing Chimney Leaks during Spring Rainy Season, 6 Ways to Keep a Safe and Clean Fireplace Between Professional Cleanings, 7 Essential Tips for Safe and Efficient Wood-Burning Stoves and Fireplaces, 7 Reasons to Get Your Chimney Cleaned in Spring or Summer, 7 Reasons to have a Chimney Cleaning & Inspection even after those Mild Winters, 7 Tips for Off-Season Fireplace & Chimney Maintenance, After Labor Day is the Perfect Time for an Inspection, Basic Chimney Chores Homeowners Shouldn’t Forget, Before Getting a Chimney Liner, Ask These 7 Questions, Benefits of Having a Clean Fireplace & Chimney, Block Cool Air from Entering Through Your Chimney This Fall & Winter. Do You Need a New Chimney? Most wood/solid fuel stoves shouldn't be converted to gas because the vents/airflow configurations are intended for burning such fuels, including "secondary burn" air flows etc. While a masonry fireplace may last as long as the house stands, a prefab wood burning fireplace is considered within our industry to have a lifespan of 10 to 30 years. Converting your wood-burning fireplace to gas can range in cost depending both on the type of fireplace you choose, as well as the specific gas logs or insert you choose. Much trouble has been caused when new owners start using a unit that has not had any kind of cleaning and maintenance for years. All rights reserved (About Us). To operate a gas fireplace, you’ll obviously need a gas source. Q. 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