It is not a good idea to keep pet store rabbits outside at all. If you are planning to get a bunny, train your dog beforehand and keep them away from each other. She was healthy and we took care of everything she ate or drink since she was indoors all the time and she was only 2 months old. Similar to the symptoms, treatment is dependent on the underlying reason for the weight reduction in rabbits.Nevertheless, the veterinarian will most likely treat any symptoms shown by the rabbit, including pain relief for cancers or electrolyte replacement for animals experiencing dehydration and fluid loss. I'm thankful that he had a happy survival for so long after his diagnosis. During those weeks, she loved the milk no problem. I tried to offer her dinner, and normally she gets excited and hops around as soon as I’m in her sight, but she didn’t move a muscle. The Holland Lop and Netherland Lop have the longest life span, with most living past ten and even into their early teens. He was active and alert until I found him dead. If living with young children, a rabbit can easily be injured, perhaps fatally so, after being mishandled by a child. Sadly she didn’t make it. They are indoor animals and must be kept indoors. This is disgusting and whoever wrote this article is an idiot and barely knows anything about rabbits, "rabbits can die if they swallow glass". She was only three months..we gave her a nice proper burial but I’m going to be mourning for a long time. If your rabbit is holding her head to the side, she may be suffering from an inner ear infection, trauma to the head, or a problem in the brain due to infection, parasitic disease, or other disease. So far it is mainly in the southwest, west, and northwest. The subject of intentional breeding or meat rabbits is prohibited. In those early tests, the rabbit always died, because the animal had to be killed so its ovaries could be removed and examined. Now we are very worried about his brother who is now all alone. Darcy was a sweet doe with a beautiful soul. We - Answered by a verified Pet Specialist. Hi i need to understand why our bunny died she just gave birth to six little babies and hade like a fit and looked like she passed away we pussed on her chest and she took two more breaths then it whas her last we called the vet they told us we should leave the babies to drink from her til she starts to get cold then take them away. He showed no signs of illness right up to about 3-4 hours before his passing, his ears became cold and he was pooping way more that he normally would plus they were soft and in clusters. //

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